Discover the charms of Tuscany around the Toscanizzazione Terra di Dio winery. In addition to tasting fine wines, visit historic towns like Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano and Volterra. For nature lovers, local natural parks offer an abundance of flora and fauna, and if you long for the sea – picturesque beaches await within easy reach.

Check out the detailed itineraries we have prepared for you to fully enjoy the magic of Tuscany.

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Company trips

Do you desire not just a corporate trip, but a real adventure that will unite your team like never before? Immerse yourself in the mysterious heart of Italy – in Tuscany, where every step reveals a new story. Feel with your team the pulsating rhythm of undulating landscapes, the breathtaking vineyard of Terra di Dio and the stunning cultural treasures in cities like Florence and Pisa. Open yourself up together to an incredible experience of taste and tradition that will leave a lasting mark on your memory.

Thanks to our passion and experience, your corporate trip will be transformed into an unforgettable story, in which time spent together and building lasting relationships will play the main role. Choose Tuscany for corporate moments that will stay with you forever.

Trip with Toscanizzazione

Venture into the heart of Italy on the trip of a lifetime with Toscanizazzione. Indulge in the charm of Tuscany’s vineyards, which stretch like picturesque canvases across the hills, and soak in the artistic atmosphere of cities such as Florence and Pisa. Savor the grandeur of the regional cuisine, whose flavors and aromas combined with the warmth of the locals will create a unique atmosphere.

With Toscanizazzione, your trip to Tuscany will exceed all expectations, becoming an indelible memory full of emotions and unforgettable moments.


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