Piaggio Vespa 150

The Piaggio Vespa is one of the most famous scooters in the world. The first Vespa appeared on the market as early as 1946 and initially the vehicles only came out in two colors.

This specimen is the first to have a 150 ccm engine mounted in the characteristic Vesp manner attached to the right side of the wheel. The scooter has an uncomplicated chassis design which results in a simple, economical and easy to drive at low speeds.

The Vespa 150 is considered by many to be the quintessence of the brand. It has introduced a number of innovations, including:

  • A two-seat bench seat
  • Ergonomic steering wheel integrated with the lamp

This specimen has been refurbished from the ground up, preserving the original structural elements as well as accessories.

The vehicle in question, as a type and model, is a testimony to a bygone era. It is only occasionally found in secondary circulation and as such is not classified by value systems.


50 000 PLN gross

(includes VAT, possibility of payment in EUR) Buying our motorcycle you get a weekend in our charming Tuscan vineyard at a special price, where for only EUR 250 (per person) you will get a 3-day stay with the possibility of a free ride on our VESP.

widok na winnicę




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